Innovative Landscape Designs

When contemplating a new or renovated landscape project, it is beneficial to begin with a scaled drawing that will enable you to visualize the anticipated project. Our award-winning Cleveland landscaping team begins each project by creating a customized blueprint, layout, or conceptual design that will meet and exceed the client’s needs. If a large scale landscape renovation project will be installed over a period of time, a conceptual design will demonstrate the various landscape installation phases in an orderly manner, avoiding disruption and unnecessary cost.

Our landscape design agreements are broken down into 4 phases:

Concept and Budget

Preliminary Plan and Cost Detail

Master Plan and Proposal

Planting Key, Detail Size and Quantity


Our landscape designers will continue to involve the client throughout the 4 phase landscape design process to ensure that the scope remains within his or her ‘comfort zone’. The landscape consultation process gives clients the flexibility to accurately and comparatively bid the project with other landscapers, if so desired. At H.A.M. Landscaping, we aim to keep an open-line of communication with our clients at all times for a smooth and efficient process!

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